PSS Celebrates International Day of the Child

Sunday, November 22, 2022, is International Day of the Child. Fittingly, this year’s theme is “Inclusion for every child”. A theme PSS is passionate about and is prominent in the way we deliver services. 

Parent Support Services’ vision is to see communities where all families and children are empowered and valued, and in order for us to see that vision to fruition, it requires – demands – inclusion. What does inclusion actually mean, though? Is it simply ensuring kids are included around the school cafeteria or that their peers never leave anyone out?

It can mean that. But inclusion, by our definition, is all-encompassing and woven throughout the entire fabric of society. It means breaking down barriers and building up supports; it means access to health, healing, and justice; and it means safety. Our definition is radical. Radical in the sense that it will take invention, courage, conviction, restoration, and even reparations, to truly provide inclusion for every child.

It means:

  • All Families are supported and empowered to raise their children in healthy, safe, and nurturing environments;
  • Communities are equipped with the tools and resources to support the healthy development of children and;
  • All children are afforded equity, autonomy, and safety – including access to housing, food, education, and play

Regardless of nationality, religion, age, race, gender, sexual identity, ability, or language, radical inclusivity for all children means liberation.

Parent Support Services Society supports these acts of radical inclusivity by providing free access to support services to all families across B.C. This helps to eliminate barriers that families face, reduce isolation, and to reclaim the value of children and families across all communities.

If you want to continue supporting PSS’s work in celebrating all children, learn more about getting involved or donating.