Volunteers are essential to our mission.

Volunteer Opportunities

Be a part of our community of volunteers who are enthusiastic, think big, support our mission and are willing to help us achieve our ambitious goals.

Support Group Facilitators help facilitate our Parenting Support Groups.

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General volunteer – Including roles such as;

  • Parenting Support Group Facilitator
  • Parenting Book Club Facilitator
  • Special Events (Grandparents Day)
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Childminder
  • Steering Committee Member
  • Board Member
  • Guest Speaker
  • Curriculum developer
  • Volunteer ASL Interpreter

Fundraising Committee Member(Click here for more details)

Board of Directors & Steering Committee Members

Be a part of our Board and Steering Committees. Support our mission and help us achieve our ambitious goals!

Board of Directors

Board of Directors are volunteers. Be a part of Parent Support Services Board of Directors, and be involved in the long-term, big-picture mission of PSS. To apply, click on the following link. Click here to apply.

Steering Committees

Steering committee members support our Group Programs by providing knowledge and ideas and connecting with the local communities we serve. Connect with others, strengthen your community, and make an impact on the lives of others, with opportunities for professional development and networking.

Are you someone who loves to support their local communities? Are you a part of the following communities in the Lower Mainland: Hispanic/Spanish, Chinese, or Filipino? We are looking for Volunteer Steering Committee Members!

Apply here!

Volunteer Support Group Facilitators

Volunteer facilitators are the backbone of our program. These volunteers work with our Parenting Support Groups which meet across the province mostly online and in-person, in different languages and with diverse caregivers. Apply here!

What is a Support Group Facilitator?

Volunteer Support Group Facilitators helps facilitate our Parenting Support Groups. These support groups are for Parents, Grandparents, and other Kinship Caregivers in different communities throughout BC. Our Groups are based on a self-help, peer support model which provides a safe space for Group members to get together and discuss their strengths, challenges or concerns about their parenting role; builds a supportive network & skills; receives emotional support; develops self-advocacy skills; empowers and boosts self-esteem; and helps create a healthier living environment for all families.

Did you know?

  • A network of committed volunteers form the backbone of our Support Group program.
  • In 2020-2021 PSS had 109 volunteer facilitators who contributed 3286 hours to our organization.
  • The average volunteer commitment to PSS is 26.6 months.

Why should I become a volunteer Support Group Facilitator?

Becoming a Support Group Facilitator will help you connect with and support caregivers and families, build your skills, empower yourself, and become an essential part of our support programs!

How do I apply?

If you want more information, please feel free to contact us at volunteer@parentsupportbc.ca or call 604-669-1616 (Greater Vancouver) 1-877-345-9777 (Toll free line)

Are You Someone Who?

  • Has good listening skills
  • Has an interest in supporting parents/caregivers and child relationships
  • Has a basic understanding of child development & parenting issues
  • Is willing to do some community outreach & development
  • Is comfortable with using Zoom for online meetings
  • Has good organizational & communication skills
  • Can commit to a minimum of 1 year, 3-5 hours a week.
  • Can participate in an interview process

Our Free Initial Facilitator Training takes place virtually using a wonderful combination of self-paced learning models and Live Zoom Sessions. Requirements for Online Facilitator Training

  • Requirements Internet or WiFi
  • Device to use online platform for e-learning
  • Interviews and reference checks on an ongoing basis

The training takes on average 20 hours to complete. It includes;

  • About 10 hours of self-paced learning which must be completed before the Live Zoom Sessions
  • About 10 hours Live Sessions (these are 5 two hour sessions which are scheduled in advance)

If you want more information, please feel free to contact us at volunteer@parentsupportbc.ca or call 604-669-1616 (Greater Vancouver) 1-877-345-9777 (Toll free line)

Upcoming Live Zoom sessions:

  • Zoom sessions coming on July 25, 27 & 30, 2024. 

Next training cycle: Now open!

Self-paced course: Currently on-going

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We’ve created a new Volunteer Facebook group where you can learn and share information about province-wide volunteer opportunities at Parent Support Services Society of BC (PSS). As a member, you will receive news and updates regarding upcoming PSS events, socials, programs and more! The group is open to the public so we encourage you to invite, tag, and share the group with your friends, family, and colleagues. We encourage you to give us feedback, share your ideas, and help us continue growing the PSS volunteer community!