Bella Cenezero

Director of Circles & Community Development

Bella has been working with PSS as Program Director since 1995, now called Director of Circles & Community Development. The focus of her work is community and program development, partnership building, advocacy, volunteer training and management, and parenting education.

“I enjoy my work with PSS as it provides me the opportunity to be part of a supportive team, and to work closely with families and diverse communities. From 1996 until 2001, I volunteered as a Parent Support Circle Facilitator and felt so privileged to witness and be a part of the parents’ amazing journeys in becoming the best parents they could be. I believe in the value of volunteerism in affecting change in our society and have volunteered with other non-profit organizations in a variety of roles at the board, working committee and service delivery levels.”

Bella is a Registered Social Worker with the BC College of Social Workers, and a member of the BC Association of Social Workers (BCASW) – Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Committee. 

“I feel honoured to have been recognized as one of the six “Heroes” of our Profession by the BCASW in November 2012.”

Please contact Bella if you are interested in exploring volunteer opportunities, would like to start a new program or Support Circle in your community through PSS, or for more information at 604-669-1616 ext. 105 or

Bella Cenezero
Staff & Board