Viktor Panfilenok

Provincial Office Administrator

Viktor has been with PSS since August 2009. With a Master’s Degree in languages (English and French) he brings extensive experience working in the not-for-profit sector.

While in Belarus, he worked for almost twelve years for Counterpart International, Inc., a US-based global development organization, to forge partnerships with communities to address complex problems related to humanitarian assistance, economic development, food security and nutrition, and building effective governance and institutions.

He was in charge of the Humanitarian Assistance Program to deliver assistance in the form of clothing, shelter, equipment and emergency supplies to orphans, the poor, the elderly, disabled people, and large families. After relocating to Canada in 2007 he worked for the BC Human Rights Coalition.

“I enjoy working for Parent Support Services Society of BC as I fully support all the diverse programs at PSS, and I get to connect with all our amazing volunteers.”

Viktor is usually the first voice you hear when calling PSS at 604 669 1616. You can contact Viktor at:

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