UPDATED MAY 15, 2020 Attention Kinship Caregivers: Important information from the Ministry for Children and Family Development 


It has come to our attention that for those caregivers whose contracts are paid in arrears, the $300 increase to their maintenance payment for May will actually be issued in early June. This applies to: foster caregivers, those with Extended Family Program agreements, and those with agreements for interim and temporary custody orders.

For those with a section 54.01 or 54.1 permanent transfer of custody, the additional amount was paid on May 12th as anticipated. Any exceptions to this would be for those whose agreements were new or are not yet in place yet due to court delays.

The Resource leads in each SDA are aware of this and are answering any queries they receive.

Attention Kinship Caregivers: Important information from the Ministry for Children and Family Development

In response to the federal government’s temporary increase to the Canada Child Benefit, the ministry will be providing a temporary increase to the basic family care rate (also known as maintenance rate) for eligible caregivers.

Why is the federal government increasing the Canada Child Benefit?

As part of the COVID-19 Economic Response Plan, the federal government will be providing a temporary increase through the Federal Enhanced Canada Child Benefit to support Canadians.

How much is the Canada Child Benefit increasing?

The maximum annual Canada Child Benefit (CCB) payment amounts will increase by $300 per child. Eligible families will receive an extra $300 per child as part of their May payment.

Who is eligible to receive the increase?

Caregivers who have a Family Care Home Agreement or Out of Care Agreement with the ministry and/or a Delegated Aboriginal Agency will receive the temporary increase to maintenance rates. More specifically, the following caregivers will receive the increase:

  • Foster caregivers;
  • Interim and Temporary Custody to Other;
  • Permanent Transfer of Custody; and
  • Extended Family Program.

Does the rate increase impact caregivers under the Children in the Home of a Relative (CIHR)?

The Children in the Home of a Relative program is administered by the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, and they do not receive basic family care rate provided by the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Caregivers under the CIHR program who have custody or guardianship under the Family Law Act can apply to the Canada Revenue Agency to receive the Canada Child Benefit.