Cultivating Kindness

whether its paying for someone’s coffee or offering to watch your sister’s daughter while she goes grocery shopping, acts of kindness weaves themselves into everyday life and often leave us with warm fuzzy feelings. Not only is it great to receive a kind gesture, but research has also proven that performing an act of kindness can also as have its positive benefits. Being kind could increase your levels of happiness and improve your overall well-being!

Below are 5 ways to cultivate kindness

Kelly Sikkema Xx2wtblr3r8 Unsplash

1. Perform an Act of Kindness for Yourself

What better way to show yourself kindness than to set-aside time to care for your needs. Parenting can be rewarding but also difficult, time-consuming. Be sure to take time to ensure that health and well-ness are also receiving attention. This can be different for everyone. You can go for a walk, meet up with a friend, have a delicious meal, or simply catch up on some much-needed sleep.

2. Donate to Your Favorite Charity

Support your local charities and other causes! Whether its a monetary donation, bringing in food to local food bank, or volunteering your time to a community cause, all of these acts of kindness can have a positive impact on several people you don’t even know!

3. Compliment a Loved One

Don’t let familiarity stop you from finding opportunities to show those in your life that you care for them and see them. A compliment can be a very simple way to make someone’s morning or day.

4. Leave a Positive Review

In this day and age, leaving a positive review online to help out your favourite restaurant, small business or charity is another great way to show kindness.

5. Call a Friend or Family Member

Despite the fear of what could be an awkward moment, call that person you haven’t talked to in a long time and tell them, you’ve had them in mind. Your call could potentially make their day!