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The Parent Support Services Society’s Strategic Plan includes a goal to build our capacity to collaborate effectively with Indigenous families.

Rationale & Alignment with Vision

Due to the impact of colonialism, enabling “a world where all children and their families are nurtured, valued, and safe” is especially challenging for Indigenous families. A disproportionate ~62% of children in Ministry care are Indigenous, despite representing only 6% of the population of children in BC. PSS has committed to supporting the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action regarding child welfare PSS will learn about and engage more directly with Indigenous communities and organizations, and with them advocate their needs to government.


  • PSS is an ally with Indigenous communities as they work with the government to decolonize child welfare practice.
  • PSS facilitates circles that are equipped to support the unique needs of Indigenous families.PSS collaborates with Indigenous communities in the design of our services to meet the cultural and traditional needs of Indigenous families.
  • PSS widens our network to include Indigenous family experts.
  • PSS will continue to advocate to broaden child welfare policy (for example, the Extended Family Program eligibility requirements) in order to increase access for Indigenous families.


In/by 2022…

  • The rate of Ministry intervention is reduced, due to increased support for families.
  • PSS has persons of Indigenous ancestry in staff and volunteer roles.
  • PSS is advised by a network of subject matter experts with Indigenous perspectives.
  • We join the Calls to Action for Federal and Provincial governments to commit to the goals and practices recommended in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission , in particular the section on Child Welfare.