Meet Parent Support Services Society of BC’s New Executive Director!

Katie Robertson

Hi everyone,

I am honoured to join Parent Support Services Society of BC to support the strengthening and resiliency of the families we serve.

I come to PSS with both professional and lived experience. Professionally, I’ve had the privilege of post-secondary training in communications and business, and I have worked in non-profit government organizations for nearly two decades.

Personally, I have been impacted by the structural oppression of poverty & homelessness, the war on drugs, and an exposure to chronic domestic and sexual violence. I was able to escape through multiple informal care providers (what is considered kinship care), and this is why I believe PSS is a tremendously invaluable resource for families raising children.

From my experience I have cultivated a steadfast commitment to equity and anti-oppression, and use my lived experience to inspire action to change by sharing stories. I highly value empowerment and this is demonstrated through my leadership approach of inspiring others to rise to the occasion.

I fancy myself a creative, and passionate professional who takes a vision and makes it a reality through sound strategy and team development. I can intuitively see the threads of opportunity that wind through an organization, bring them together into a coherent whole, and help others extend their thinking.

I am an active volunteer and contributor in my community, as serving others is a key value for me. When I’m not working, I spend my time volunteering as a social justice and human rights advocate, as well as a climate activist. I am currently the volunteer Communications Director for CCFWE, an organization committed to eradicating economic abuse in Canada.

I have worked for elected officials on all levels of government, served as an elected official for a municipality in Ontario, and have been a leader and member of many not-for-profit boards.

I am a mother of one, where my main priority is showing my child, and the world, the importance and possibility of leading with compassion and empathy. To keep active, I am an avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast. I love the thrill of scrambling mountains and backcountry camping and have led guided trips in the summer for women who have never been camping before.

My personal vision is to empower and inspire others to realize and embody their most authentic selves through healing, personal accountability, and self-advocacy.

Looking forward to connecting with you all!

Stay safe and be well,

Katie Robertson

Parent Support Services welcomes our new Executive Director, Katie Robertson! We would also like to extend our gratitude towards our previous Executive Director, Carol Madsen, and wish her the best on her future endeavours.