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(Formerly known as Parenting Circles)

What are Parenting Support Groups?

Parenting Support Groups are free, anonymous, and confidential self-help groups providing parents and caregivers with a safe space to share their stories, build communities, learn new skills, receive emotional support and discover new services and resources. The groups offer weekly or bi-weekly meetings and other activities organized by trained volunteer facilitators.

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Testimonials From Parent Support Group Participants and Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Group Participants


How do I join?

During the COVID 19 Health Crisis – we are offering Online Support Groups, at different times of the day. To find out more, visit our regional pages, call our toll free number 1-877-345-9777, or click here. You can directly access our registration form here, and we will be in touch.

Please be aware that the Support Group service is not a drop-in program and we do not advertise exact locations or links of Groups for safety and privacy reasons. You will need to call the local PSS phone number for your region or the referral number of a partner agency in your community in order to be referred to a Group. Registration to the Group is very important before you attend. You will be given all the information you need to take the next step in joining a group.

What will happen when I call about a Support Groups?

When you call (or, when you are contacted after filling out our form), you will speak with a staff member of Parent Support Services. Whomever you talk to will ask for some basic information and a convenient time for a facilitator to contact you. We usually ask if we can leave a message in your voicemail if needed. To protect your privacy, you can say no to this.

You will then be referred to a Group facilitator. They will call you within 72 hours to tell you more about the program and the specific group and ask for some more info. The two of you may arrange to meet and talk further before the next meeting, or you may simply be invited to the next meeting.

The most important thing you need to know is that the person on the other end of the phone will appreciate the courage it has taken for you to pick up the phone and say, “I think I need help.”

What will happen when I attend a Support Group?

All Support Groups follow a similar plan but the details for each meeting vary from one Group to another. Many Groups open with each parent or kinship caregiver saying how they are and how their week with their children has been. Participants discuss parenting concerns in the supportive setting provided. One of the most important things about Support Groups is that they respond to the needs expressed by the people who attend them.

What else do I need to know about parenting support groups?

In some communities, Groups operate in various languages. There are also Support Groups for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (Kinship Caregivers).

Parent Support Services Society of BC ensures that anyone parenting or caring for children and teens will be comfortable joining a Support Group.

When Groups are running in-person, Parent Support Services is able to provide childcare in most locations and/or a small subsidy to pay for childcare and transportation, if needed. Our objective is to remove the obstacles that might prevent someone from attending a Support Groups.

I’m a Grandparent or other Kinship Caregiver. Are there Support Groups for me?

There are Support Groups specifically for those who are raising their friends or relatives’ children (Kinship Caregivers or Grandparents Raising Grandchildren). Please contact our Kinship Care Help Line, which can give you more information and refer you to a Kinship Care Support Groups.

If there is no group in your area, contact our Provincial Program Director:
604-669-1616 ext.105

Language Specific Parent Support Groups

We offer Parent Support Groups in 7 languages. Currently, we are running group in 7 languages in the Lower Mainland region. Go to your region page to find the contact information for your support group.

Ofrecemos círculos de soporte en 7 idiomas. Actualmente, corremos en círculos en 7 idiomas en la región del Bajo Continente. Vaya a la página de su región para encontrar la información de contacto de su círculo de soporte.

Spanish Circle
Mondays • 7:00pm • via Zoom
Fridays • 12:00pm • In-Person (NEW)

7개 언어로 지원 서클을 제공합니다. 현재 Lower Mainland 지역에서 7개 언어로 서클을 운영하고 있습니다. 지역 페이지로 이동하여 지원 서클의 연락처 정보를 찾으십시오.

Korean Circle
Mondays • 8:00pm • via Zoom

我们提供 7 种语言的支持圈。 目前,我们正在低陆平原地区以 7 种语言开展活动。 转到您所在地区的页面以查找您的支持圈子的联系信息。

Mandarin Circle
Thursdays • 10:00am • via Zoom

我們提供 7 種語言的支持圈。 目前,我們正在低陸平原地區以 7 種語言開展活動。 轉到您所在地區的頁面以查找您的支持圈子的聯繫信息。

Cantonese Circle
Fridays • 7:00pm • via Zoom

Nag-aalok kami ng mga lupon ng suporta sa 7 wika. Sa kasalukuyan, nagpapatakbo kami ng mga lupon sa 7 wika sa rehiyon ng Lower Mainland. Pumunta sa pahina ng iyong rehiyon upang mahanap ang impormasyon sa pakikipag-ugnayan para sa iyong lupon ng suporta.

Filipino Circle
Saturday • 1:00pm • via Zoom

نحن نقدم دوائر دعم بـ 7 لغات. حاليًا ، نحن ندير دوائر بسبع لغات في منطقة البر الرئيسي السفلي. انتقل إلى صفحة المنطقة الخاصة بك للعثور على معلومات الاتصال لدائرة الدعم الخاصة بك.

Coming soon…

Coming soon…


GRG/Kinship Facebook group

Province Wide Service

The GRG/Kinship Support BC Facebook group provides a larger opportunity for connection, and sharing of resources and information.  Grandparents raising grandchildren and other kinship caregivers in BC can join using the link below. This is a private group for kinship caregivers only.

Parenting Book Clubs

Province Wide Service

Are you interested in reading and discussing some of today’s best selling parenting books? Join our parenting book club! The group meets for 8 weeks via Zoom and our Facebook group to discuss, ask questions, and connect with each other.

Book clubs begin this October 2023!