Updated Caregiver Rates

The provincial government asked us to share this information with families:
“Increase to Caregiver Rates – July 2020

Key Messages

• In May 2020, the federal government announced the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) will be increased in July for the 2020-21 benefit year.
• For the 2020-21 benefit year, the maximum CCB payment amounts will increase by 1.9%. Eligible families will receive a maximum $126 increase per year for children ages 0-5, and a maximum $106 increase per year for children ages 6-17.
• This increase will be provided to caregivers in July through an increase to the maintenance rate (also called the family care rate). The type of agreement the caregiver has will impact when the caregiver receives the first payment increase.
• The ministry receives the CCB amounts on behalf of all children and youth in care, as well as those under Interim and Temporary Custody to Other and Permanent Transfer of Custody Assistance arrangements.
• Adoptive parents are able to apply for CCB through the federal government and will not receive an increase to their maintenance rate.
• Specifically, the increase will be provided for eligible children and youth being cared for through a family care home agreement or out-of-care care agreement with the ministry and Delegated Aboriginal Agencies.
• In Budget 2019, the maintenance rate for Extended Family Program (EFP) families was aligned to the rate provided to foster caregivers; EFP families will also receive an increase to the maintenance rate in July 2020.
• We want to extend our gratitude for everything caregivers do in order to support children, youth and their families across the province.”