Happy National Volunteer Week!

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Volunteering at Parent Support Services Society of BC (PSS) can be an incredibly rewarding experience for many reasons. PSS is a non-profit organization that supports parents and caregivers in British Columbia by providing a variety of programs and services designed to help families thrive.

Here are some reasons why you should consider volunteering at PSS:

1. Support a meaningful cause:

PSS is dedicated to supporting families and strengthening communities in BC. By volunteering at PSS, you can be a part of a meaningful cause that helps parents and caregivers get the support they need to raise healthy, happy children.

2. Develop new skills:

Volunteering at PSS can help you develop new skills and gain valuable experience. For example, you can learn about group facilitation, program planning, and community outreach. These skills can be valuable in your personal and professional life.

3. Make a difference in your community:

As a volunteer at PSS, you can make a positive impact in your community by supporting parents and caregivers who may be facing challenges. By sharing your time, knowledge, and expertise, you can help families overcome obstacles and build a better future.

4. Meet new people:

Volunteering at PSS can be a great way to meet new people and make connections in your community. You will have the opportunity to work alongside other volunteers, staff members, and program participants who share a common goal of supporting families.

5. Gain personal fulfillment:

Volunteering can be a deeply rewarding experience that provides a sense of personal fulfillment. By giving back to your community and supporting a meaningful cause, you can feel a sense of purpose and satisfaction that can be hard to find in other areas of your life.

Volunteers have the power to make a difference in the world and to improve their own lives in the process. National Volunteer Week from April 16-22, 2023 is a time to celebrate and recognize the contributions of volunteers across the country, and to inspire others to get involved and make a difference. The rewards are immeasurable. If you are passionate about supporting families and building stronger communities, consider volunteering at PSS today.